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TOVA Testing

TOVA represents the Test of Variables of Attention. This exam evaluates a person’s capacity for maintaining attention while performing monotonous, repeated tasks. TOVA assesses a person’s ability for impulse control amid more thrilling jobs. Doctors can determine whether patients have issues with attention and impulse control based on the information gathered during a TOVA evaluation.

Our specialised approach

For both adults and children, Esteem Behavioral Health Care provides the TOVA Test (Test of Variables of Attention). It is a computer-based test with both visual and audio components. The exam gauges a subject’s ability to react to both visual and aural inputs rapidly and accurately. The examination might last for an hour. 

Our expert doctors utilize the results of the TOVA Test as a tool to help them diagnose and treat patients more effectively. The test is given in the morning for optimal results. On the day of the test, patients should consume less coffee and nicotine. The best places to diagnose and treat ADHD and related problems for people of all ages are our centers in Tucson, Arizona. To ensure a customized treatment plan, our staff makes an effort to get to know you, your strengths, and your limitations.

The TOVA improves the precision of its findings and potential diagnostic consequences. Furthermore, the information about attention and impulsivity offered by the TOVA is entirely objective. Around 86% of ADHD patients are appropriately identified by the test results alone. We utilize this dependable, cutting-edge examination for diagnostic applications. Children and college students who would benefit from being given additional time to take tests and complete tasks should particularly find this test to be beneficial. Esteem Behavioral Health Care will determine a suitable treatment plan to determine a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD after testing, an interview procedure, and self-scoring (or parent-scoring) questionnaires. For updated data, to schedule an appointment, or to learn about our pricing, give us a call.