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Telehealth Appointments

Esteem Behavioral Health provides virtual and telehealth appointments for convenience and ease.

Telehealth reduces the need for travel and provides the benefit of time and the absence of travel-related stress. If you’re balancing career obligations, raising a family, or studying, our accessible scheduling helps you fit mental health care into your life.

Your privacy is non-negotiable, and our correspondence will remain private. With your data protected to the highest standards, we provide a space where you can securely share your thoughts and feelings.

How our telehealth appointments work:

  1. Book your virtual telehealth visit by directly contacting our office.
  2. You’ll receive helpful instructions before your online visit.
  3. Log into your account and enter the virtual waiting room at your appointment.
  4. You will receive a thorough, in-depth appointment with a mental health professional.
  5. Get all the necessary follow-up resources and prescriptions.
  6. We’re always ready to help with any part of your telehealth experience.

With Telehealth Appointments, Esteem continues to develop ways to ensure your wellness goal is met with the proper support, solutions, and resources. Your mental health care should never be anything less than personal, professional, and perfectly matched to your life.

Reach out to us now to set up your virtual telehealth appointment.