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The first nasal spray medicine designed exclusively for individuals with treatment-resistant depression is called Spravato. Talk to your doctor to see whether you could have treatment-resistant depression if you’ve tried two or more antidepressants and are still having trouble with depressive symptoms. In order to free up your time to concentrate on your patients, Esteem Behavioral Healthcare can assist you in navigating the access and affordability processes effectively. Even if the improvement is felt following the first dosage of Spravato, it is not to be used as a substitute for hospitalization if your healthcare practitioner thinks that hospitalization is necessary.

The immediate side effects of Spravato

Detachment is the experience of feeling cut off from one’s thoughts, feelings, and environment. 

Other symptoms include sedation, upset stomach, dizziness, spinning sensations, decreased sensitivity (numbness), anxiety, lack of energy, elevated blood pressure, vomiting, drunkenness, and extreme happiness or excitement. These typical side effects usually start immediately away after taking Spravato and disappear the next day.

Our customized approach

Only authorized Spravato treatment facilities managed by Esteem Behavioral Healthcare’s professional service providers to offer Spravato. Before you begin using Spravato, our healthcare professional will go over the risks of sedation, disorientation, abuse, and misuse with you as part of the Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Program. To receive Spravato in our licensed treatment facility, you and the healthcare professional must fill out an enrollment form.

You will be under our doctor’s care for at least two hours. You won’t be allowed to drive, operate machinery, or do anything else that requires full awareness until the next day after a sound sleep due to potential side effects that could impact your mental alertness and motor coordination. Talk to our doctor to check whether you have treatment-resistant depression, If you have battled depression in the past and taken two or more antidepressants during your most recent episode without seeing enough relief then Esteem Behavioral Healthcare suggests opting for Spravato.