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Alcohol Use: What Is It?

Alcohol use consists of a spectrum of behaviors from moderate drinking to alcohol dependence.
It can be anything from having an occasional drink socially to consuming large amounts on a regular basis, which can cause physical, psychological, and social harm.
Knowing where you or a loved one falls on this spectrum is the beginning of finding appropriate treatment and care.
Esteem Behavioral Healthcare understands the struggles that come with alcohol use and we’re here to guide you through a caring and personalized recovery process.

Symptoms of Alchohol Use Disorder

Some common symptoms can be:

A higher tolerance

Needing more alcohol to feel its effects or noticing a diminished effect with the same amount.

Withdrawal symptoms

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, shaking, and nausea when not drinking.

A reduction in activities

Giving up or reducing activities that were important or interesting in order to drink.

Unsuccessful attempts to reduce

Making unsuccessful attempts to cut down or stop drinking alcohol.

Time consumed

Obtaining, using, and recovering from alcohol.

Loss of control

Drinking more alcohol than intended or for longer than planned.

Drinking despite problems

Continuing to drink even though it’s causing social, interpersonal, or physical health problems.

Why Choose Esteem Behavioral Healthcare?

Studies show that well-structured programs can considerably improve recovery rates for people struggling with alcohol use.

Esteem Behavioral Healthcare provides evidence-based treatments that offer you the best prospects for a fulfilling life free of alcohol.

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